About SLO Shift:

SLOSHIFT is inspired by the joy of Bike Month and a desire to create a platform that fuels community members to make every month bike month. SLOSHIFT provides a central calendar for bikiness galore 12 months of the year. Most year-round events are DIY by the community. SLOSHIFT is run by volunteers and is also very inspired by Portland’s Pedalpalooza and shift2bikes.org.

SLOSHIFT also maintains the Bike Month calendar and administers Bike Month event sponsorships from Rideshare. Want to see if your Bike Month event qualifies for sponsorship funding? Head over to https://www.sloshift.org/bike-month-sponsorship and submit something. Remember: Event funding is only available in Bike Month, aka May.

Interested in putting on a Bike Month event for Bike to Work Day? Head over to https://rideshare.org/program/btwd/. For Bike Month events on Bike to School Day check out https://rideshare.org/program/safe-routes-to-school/