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Due to the very serious public health concerns regarding COVID-19, Rideshare has cancelled all Bike to Work Day 2020 stations, partnerships, and activities. This includes funding for Bike Month events that SLOShift usually administers in the form of mini-grants for things like Bike Breakfasts, Tour de Donut, Tweed Ride etc.

While we’re sad that Bike Month 2020 won’t be a big biketastic celebration, it’s best to avoid creating situations where social distancing is difficult.

And…you can still ride your bike. It’s good for you, physically and mentally. Just be smart about it, because, COVID-19 or not, every month is bike month. The SLOShift calendar is still up, and remains up, year-round. Have creative ways to encourage people to ride safely? Post them on the calendar. We look forward to all of the bike months ahead of us!

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